“The Talking Textbook has given us back our sight”

We have implemented a Talking Textbooks’ Program for 208 visually impaired students and 96 visually impaired teachers. This enables them to access the mainstream school curriculum using audio textbook players. Our audio textbook player is a little MP3 player that nestles nicely in your hand.

Our Work

Humanitarian Assistance and rehabilitation

SENEthiopia has the following experiences in a humanitarian emergency over the past three years. Mekelle Blind School (MBS) Life-Saving and Basic Needs Assistance initiative, Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPO) Emergency Support project that encompasses Provision of Cash Hand-outs; Provision of Health-Related Support and Provision of NFI Materials and dignity kits, Life-Saving Assistance for Tigrian Women with Disabilities and Mothers of Children with Disabilities and Emergency Support for most Disadvantaged Members of Adigrat Women with Disabilities (WWD) Association.

Education in Emergency Responses needs to be “INCLUSIVE”

SENEthiopia is providing Inclusive Education in Emergency response reaching conflict affected children with disabilities in Southern, Central and Mekelle Zones of Tigray.

We are working with the goal of providing Education in Emergency responses with specific to inclusiveness component including assessment, trainings, provision of assistive devices and scholastic supplies and materials to children with disability within the intervention areas of Negesege, Raya Azebo, , Raya Chercher, Bora, Mehoni, Keyih Tekli, Kola Tenben, Tanqua Milash and Mekelle sub cities.

Our work Strengthens Inclusive Education by training teachers on Children with Disabilities , Sensitize community based structures , PTSAs and community leaders on disability issues and Inclusive Services and provision of Assistive devices and learning materials to Children with Disabilities.

Through all we do, SENEthiopia strongly advocates for a children with disabilities right to education and inclusive learning environment, building partnerships with Government, national and international organizations to ensure all children with disability access quality and inclusive education.

Our partners 

Your Help Is Instrumental in Enabling Persons with Disabilities Enjoy Their Basic Rights.