How We work

Services and history

A new initiative is being introduced in Tigray, Ethiopia to provide support for blind children through a talking textbook. This innovative tool aims to enhance the educational experience of visually impaired children by providing them with accessible learning materials. The talking textbook is equipped with audio features that enable blind students to listen to the content and navigate through the lessons independently. This breakthrough technology not only allows these children to engage actively in their studies but also promotes inclusivity by ensuring that they have the same educational opportunities as their sighted peers. By incorporating this talking textbook into the curriculum, blind children in Tigray can now have equal access to education, enabling them to develop their knowledge and skills, and empowering them for a brighter future.

People and culture

People with disabilities in Tigray, Ethiopia face numerous challenges in their daily lives. The lack of accessibility in infrastructure and public spaces makes it difficult for them to move around freely. Additionally, there is limited specialized healthcare and rehabilitation services available to cater to their specific needs. This lack of support further hinders their ability to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Furthermore, there is a lack of inclusive education opportunities for children with disabilities, leaving them with limited chances to acquire knowledge and skills. Socioeconomic barriers also prevent many disabled individuals from accessing employment opportunities, leading to high levels of unemployment within this population. Overall, the disability community in Tigray deserves more attention and resources to ensure their inclusion and equal participation in society.

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