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SENEthiopia was registered and accorded legal personality with its registry no. 3130 by the F.D.R.E. Authority of Civil Society Organizations (ACSO) in September 2013.

Since our establishment, we have achieved a lot. In fact, our first engagement was construction of great wall for Mekelle School for the Blind followed by all-inclusive support for the school community where children and young people with disabilities are engaged in. We have implemented ‘Talking Textbooks’ program for visually impaired students and teachers that enabled them to access their school curriculum using audio textbook player. Audio textbook player is a little MP3 player that nestles nicely in your hand. The visually impaired students say:

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive society in which persons with disabilities enjoy their basic rights

Our Mission

We are a nation civil society organization working collaboratively with state and non-state actors to facilitate and promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Tigray through Awareness-raising and advocacy, Education and training, Employment and Livelihood, Health, Nutrition and WASH and Humanitarian Assistance and Rehabilitation Services.

Our Values

Equality and non-Discrimination–We believe in and be guided with the principles of equality and non-discrimination in our relation with internal and external environment

Inclusion- We strive to be inclusive in our works and accessible in all of our premises, information and communication

Respect- We respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons and recognize their dignity

Integrity- We are committed to accountability and transparency in all of our program activities and resource management

Stewardship-We safeguard partner and community resources on behalf of those we serve

Our Team

SENethiopia team spirit is the heartbeat of our organization, uniting a group of passionate and dedicated individuals working towards a common goal of empowering communities in Ethiopia. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique skills and experiences to the table, but it is our shared values, determination, and drive that bind us together. Through strong communication, collaboration, and support, we are able to effectively implement sustainable projects and initiatives that create positive change in the lives of those we serve. Our team spirit inspires innovation, resilience, and a sense of purpose, driving us to reach new heights and make a lasting impact in the communities we work with.

Masho Kidanemariam

Executive Director

Hadush Gidey

Finance Head

Belete Amdu

IT Expert

Meresa Negash

Program Director

Brhane Hadera

Education & Training Program Coordinator

Tsega Gebre

Program Coordinator


+251 342 41 54 80 / +251 930 00 24 03

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